Saturday, January 7, 2017


This week I am deviating somewhat from my usual type of post. I am sharing a humorous article that I wrote last year. A relative of mine was frustrated because she felt unsupported by her spouse when it came to parenting.

Perhaps you live in a blended family, or you or your spouse are new in recovery and haven't been around for your kids in a while. For those of you fortunate enough to live in a two parent household please make the most of it!

 The bible tells us that when we marry "the two will become one flesh"(Ephesians 5:22-23).

If you don't feel at one with your spouse perhaps the article below will generate some positive discussion!


After struggling for many months with lack of support from her family Frieda Frazzle, 39, has staged a walk-out. Reliable sources report that Frazzle has been accused of abusive behavior such as requiring her children to mow the lawn and make polite conversation at the dinner table.

“Honestly," commented one witness who wished to remain anonymous, "Why should I stop playing video games just because the grass is three feet tall? She just doesn’t get me.”

Another anonymous witness, who bore a slight brotherly resemblance to the first witness, declined to comment, but was reportedly making very close contact with his mattress.

“Everyone has to work together to run a household,” Frazzle told this reporter, “But when one person has to constantly enforce the rules it becomes emotionally exhausting. I feel like a single parent. So I have decided to go on strike for a few days.”

The Herald reached out to Frazzle’s husband, Joe, but he was unavailable for comment. He was out having his lips serviced.

Frazzle has reportedly retreated to a local hotel where she will not be cooking an unappreciated dinner. She will not be listening to complaints. She will, however, still be working hard all day to pay bills to keep the house that no one else wants to run.

The Mean Mom On Strike movement seems to be picking up momentum across the country. Mary Meanie of Wimpville Wisconsin went on strike for 2 weeks in September when her teenage daughter, Narcissa, spent all day Saturday at a friend’s house  then refused to do her chores when she got home.

 When Meanie asked her husband to step in and assist he defended his daughter’s behavior by stating that she was depressed and her aura was out of alignment. Shortly after, Mr. Meanie’s teeth were out of alignment and Mrs. Meanie is enjoying an extended retreat at The Wimpville Correctional center.

“This is exactly what I am hoping to avoid,” Frazzle commented. “I have to admit that when I read about Mrs. Meanie’s actions I let out a little fist pump, but I realize that violence is not the answer. Although, when I do the math, the bridgework for my husband would probably be a lot cheaper than the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on family therapy.”

Ima Feddup, of Trembling Hills, PA, a compounding pharmacist, came up with a unique solution to her family issues. She has created an herbal supplement she calls “Growballs” that she has been quietly slipping into her husband’s daily orange juice. 

 “The results have been astounding,” Feddup reports. Instead of avoiding confrontation at all costs my husband looks the kids in the eye and says, “What part of your mother’s request don’t you get?” Feddup is awaiting FDA approval and already has 14 million requests for orders from striking moms across the country.

“I’m not quite ready to resort to drastic measures just yet,” Frazzle concludes, “Perhaps a short hiatus will convince my kids that we need to work together and remind my husband that we need to be a united front.”

In the meantime, Frazzle is in an undisclosed location, having a pedicure and enjoying a drama-free day.

Contact me and share your experience. Are you ready to go on strike?  Or, have you learned to co-parent successfully?